Finding clarity

Lately, I’ve been searching. 

Successfully starting and growing a marketing agency has been a blast, but I felt like I wanted more. 

While the work is still engaging, I feel like I’ve mastered most of it. The challenge is mostly gone. 

That’s why I signed up for a 4-day retreat that aims to unplug yourself from everything you’re doing. 

No phone, no e-mail, no calls, no meetings, no outside world. 

I average about 85 messages a day that requires my attention.

That’s too much. It’s hard to unwind or focus on new projects.

By physically removing access to all those messages, I was able to find clarity. 


What is my personality? 

During the retreat, we focused on Enneagram and learning more about your personality type. 

My results were not that surprising. I have a combination of 5, 3, and 8. For those of you who don’t know what Enneagram is, this website explains everything. I will expand with my thoughts in an article later down the line. 

My archetype is ‘solution master’. I feel like it matches my train of thought, but I also feel like I’ve been solving too many problems this year. I’ve barely had time to focus on side projects such as this blog, connecting with friends or expanding my interests. 

Every day new fires popped up, and I was the one in charge to douse them. 

Fair enough, I run the business, so it’s expected of me, but what if I could automate that process? 

Finding clarity in a busy world 

Q4 of 2020 centers around training my team to solve their issues. I want to focus on expanding my knowledge, closing the right deals, and working on my business. My team will handle the day-to-day. 

Forcing new ideas by going on a retreat was a fantastic experience. I learned to disconnect more. Our brains have so much potential if we allow it to wander. 

Let’s wander more this year. 2020 feels like a perfect time to try it out. 

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