How to invite all your friends to like your Facebook Page in 2021

Need more Facebook Page Likes? I show you how to invite all your Facebook friends at the same time to like your page. Free guide!
invite all friends to like facebook page

Do you want to grow your Facebook page quickly by inviting all your friends? Not sure how to do this?

Well, do I have the article for you.

Inviting all your friends to like your page has gotten way easier in 2021. You don’t need any extensions, and it’s all native on Facebook.

Let’s do this.

  1. Log in to Facebook
  2. Select your Facebook-page either by searching for it or clicking on it from the sidebar
  3. Look for the bar under your cover photo that says Liked, following, share and the three dots
  4. Click on the three dots
  5. Click on invite friends
  6. Click on the tab ‘not invited.’ It should open by default
  7. Click on ‘select all.’
  8. Make sure to customize your message on top. Nobody wants to receive a generic invite. Tell a story!
  9. Press ‘send invites’
  10. You’re done! Watch your page grow instantly.

This strategy obviously works better when you have a bunch of friends. 

If you’re a visual person, I included screenshots below. 

Select your page by searching for it
Look for the bar below your cover photo and select the three dots
Click on invite friends
Select all and send those invites!

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Catch you in the next one!

    1. I feel like it depends person by person. Still works for me, I get a lot of messages of people thanking me that it works. For others it doesn’t seem to work. I feel like Facebook is a mixed bag.

  1. I don’t have the option to invite friends to like my business page. When I go to community it only says how many likes/ followers the page has but no invite option.
    When I go to the … on the page, there is no invite option either

  2. Hi Oliver, In the new Facebook I can’t customize my message on top. I can’t see any message at all.
    On the old Facebook it worked. Have they changed something ? All the best!!

  3. What if you are a customer and want to invite friends to like someone else’s page? There is no invite all/select all in blue at the top. You have to actually select the boxes individually. And I am going to the business page, then clicking on community, clicking on invite friends and then it brings me to the list of friends with the boxes to select. I want to be able to select all. How do I do that?

  4. Were you able to get it to work? I’m having the same problem as I would like to invite friends to someone else’s page. I don’t understand why I don’t get the “invite friends” option but when I log onto my husband’s account using the same laptop, he’s able to. I tried to play around with my privacy settings and still can’t figure out why I can’t invite anyone to like a page.

  5. I invited around 1000 ppl the first day, hit the limit, and then facebook is not allowing me to invite anybody else in the last couple of days.. it’s very frustrating

  6. My Facebook page commented and liked another page post,on my page notification it asked me to invite those people who liked and reacted to the page I commented but am having difficulties to invite them.what should I do am using an Android phone?

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