How to increase your ad account limit on Facebook

facebook ad account limit

Recently our agency faced the error of not being able to create more ad accounts for our clients. 

Every time we tried to add a new one, it said, ‘You’ve reached the maximum number of ad accounts you can create at this time.’ 

maximum number of ad accounts

Weird, as we’ve never faced this issue with Google Ads. Have you experienced the same problem? 

I’ve got the answer, and it’s easier than you think. 

After scouring the internet for information, I was at a loss. Nothing seemed to work.

I tried: 

  • Deleting old ad accounts
  • Fixing errors on active accounts
  • Paying outstanding invoices in billing accounts

And it still wouldn’t allow me to create more ad accounts in our Business Manager.

After talking with another marketer who experienced the same issue, I found the solution.

All you have to do is talk to Facebook Support directly.

Years ago, that would have taken ages, but I could open an actual chat conversation in Facebook Messenger within minutes. 

After explaining the issue to the Facebook rep, he told us he would escalate our case to his superiors. 

Five hours later, I received an e-mail that said our ad account limit was lifted. I tried making a new ad account, and it worked! Problem solved.

If you’re faced with this issue, make sure no accounts have any errors and contact Facebook directly. 

How to contact Facebook Support directly? 

  1. Open your business manager.
  2. Press the ? icon in the top right corner
  3. Create a new case or press the contact button, it’s different on every account
help facebook

It will open a Messenger-window, and you can chat with a rep directly. This differs per country but worked in the US and Belgium. 

Good luck solving this issue! 

  1. Hi Oliver. Great article.
    Does your agency have the “Preferred” status as a Facebook partner? Our agency does not have access to the live chat feature since we do not yet qualify for the Preferred status so we only have access to email Facebook support. Is there any specific place that perhaps we are overlooking when trying to chat with Facebook support directly?

    1. Hi Michael, thanks for your comment. We’re not a preferred partner (yet). Our agency is located in Belgium, perhaps that changes things? I do hope you find a way to open a live chat with their support.

  2. This Doesn’t work for me either. We don’t have this option in the USA? Very stressful as we have 2 clients ready to start running ads and spending money, but we cant even begin their build until we get this sorted. And there’s no one to talk to at Facebook. Much prefer Google’s support!

  3. Hi Oliver,
    I’m having the same issue of Ad Creation Limit on my Business Manager. I reached out to support and they said “we cannot manually increase your Limit in Ad Creation, that is automatically increased as you continue to utilize the current Ad Accounts that you have.”

    Not sure if I got a helpless support rep or if there is some sort of new rule… Any advise on this?

    1. Hi John, sorry for the delay! Comments got backed up with a lot of spam. I hope you’ve fixed the issue by now. If not, try to contact support again. I mostly have to give it a couple of tries before someone capable helps me. It’s a hit or miss. Best of luck!

  4. Oliver
    Many thanks for this post. The subsequent posts were very helpful in establishing that I wasn’t going mad! We can’t see the chat icon but clearly others can. It’s also clear that access to Facebook support is very valuable. I’ve noticed that some freelancers on sites like People Per Hour feature their access to live support in the profiles…like a USP.

    Could I ask you a favour? The next time you’re on with Facebook support, could you ask them why some people get access and others don’t. Is there a billing threshold or other such metric that when crossed, the support option becomes available? We’re stuck on 5 Ad Accounts and within the next month are going to need around 12. It’s a real issue.

    I appreciate that Facebook really wants a system where clients set up their own Ad Account and simply grant access to agencies. It does mean the clients always have access to and owns their assets. However, we have client’s that are simply projects within large public sector organisations that aren’t able set up Facebook Pages let alone Business Manager and Ad Accounts. They want and need us to do the whole thing for them. We even have clients who don’t have and don’t want a personal Facebook profile and thus can’t set anything up. They too want us to do it all.



  5. Hi, just want to info that your method is works on mine but for others who doesn’t have the chat button, you’ll need to spend a more, No fix amount actually, but based on my experience, $ 1.000 for the last 30 days for each account. Hope it helps.

      1. This is not a solution specially when you’re limited to 5 ads account and need to add more to continue to promote for new clients (as an agency).
        You can’t juste deleted old ads account (need some historic data) in case..

  6. This doesn’t work anymore. I have chatted with over 6 different reps and not one can change our ad account limit

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